Green Crayon

Grab your hot cocoa and sit back, gang.  It’s story time again.

I followed the trail of green crayon flowing freely across my beautiful, hardwood floors.

It’s destination: one tiny, whale-spouted (pony-tailed) little bean. I’m not naming any names here, but I have an itching suspicion that the work of the green crayon graffiti belongs to this little one…

I promise I didn’t do it, Mommy!

Look at this face.  It just kills me!

It reminds me of the time I was in 5th grade, and I decided to test out my mom’s self-tanner lotion, which was only the beginning of years of a love/hate relationship with self-tanner, by the way.  The result of my experiment was orange splotches all over my body, and the insides of my fingers were a lovely shade of burnt orange, contrasted against the rest of my pasty white skin.  I clearly must’ve skipped over the part of the directions where I was supposed to wash the lotion off my hands ASAP.

Talk about fine print for you.

When my mom asked, “Nicole (just imagine the “mom” tone here), did you get into my self-tanner?”, I shook my head and likely gave her the same expression as the Bean, as if to say, “Uh…I have no idea what you’re talking about, Mom.  Nothin’ to see here.”  I thought I had outsmarted her despite the blatantly obvious evidence to the contrary.

No lie – I was sitting in a hotel lobby with my parents that week, and we overheard a couple at a table next to us talking about me.  Their exact words were, “She would be such a pretty girl if she didn’t have that skin disease.”


My mom still teases me about that incident.

As I recall, I wore those tight-fitting knit gloves – you know, the $1 Wal-Mart kind – to school for the week, to hide my sweeeeet rust-colored hands.

Gee, if only I could go back and live that one all over!

Okay, maybe I did do it, Mommy…

Earlier that day (okay, like 5 minutes earlier)…

Do you see what’s in her hand? I do believe that’s a green crayon.

You see, I set up Fort Chloe in the kitchen in an attempt to clean up my cooking mess.  I assumed that I provided enough entertainment to keep her in one place for at least 10 minutes.

I was wrong.

I couldn’t even keep her in one place for 10 seconds!

She is one BUSY little lady.  AND fast, too!

I turned for what could only have been a few seconds, and she was out of eye-sight, which always ensues the following wave of panic immediately followed by a mental checklist of…

Did I take this item off the floor so that she can’t put it in her mouth? Can she tip over that little table and get hurt?  Is she off eating crayon again?  Please, God, don’t let there be any dog poop accidents on the floor!

Hey, don’t judge, it happens to the best of us dog lovers, especially those of us with these tiny, little dogs that think that THEY are the king of the castle.

I flew around the corner, and discovered this…

You see, Peaches likes to take mouthfuls of food and drop them around the house so that she can eat right next to wherever one of us happens to be.  It drives my husband nuts because we literally have little trails of dog food all over the house that we’re constantly picking up.

Part of the adventure, I say! Okay, not really.

Back to the photo…so Chloe found one of Peaches’ little pieces of dog food and proceeded to feed it to her.  When I saw this, I had one of those, “Awe, that’s so sweet – I need to get a picture of this” moments…until Chloe then proceeded to try to put the other piece in her hand into her own mouth.

After prying it out of her tiny iron fist and after the “Awe” moment had quickly passed, I scooped her up and took her back to Fort Chloe.

It was en route (think 4 walking steps) back to the kitchen, when my eyes began to follow the trail of green crayon.  I just shook my head and started laughing in defeat, which, in turn, caused Chloe to break out in those deep belly giggles, as if to say, “Mommy, you’re so silly!”

So, it was at this point, two things logically occurred to me:

1. My kitchen will not be clean any time before the sun goes down, and…

2. It’s nap time.

Oh, and the yellow chew beads around her neck…well, as soon as she spots them, whether it be first thing in the morning or as soon as we walk in the door from an outing, she makes a beeline for them and puts them around her neck.

What can I say?  The girl likes her accessories. 🙂

This is my life these days.  It may seem chaotic, but it is good, really GOOD.  While chasing down my toddler and in the midst of my messy house, there is a ton of laughter.

I now “get” what it means to be a young mom with the messes and the chasing and the never-ending catching up to do, but more importantly, I have never loved a time more in my life…

…Because, you know what?  As soon as sweet little bean finally conked out for that nap of hers and I had the time to clean and what not…well…I already missed her, and all I wanted to do was wake her back up and play because she draws that out of me.  She is spunky and charming, and so stinkin’ lovable that all I can do in chasing-my-tail moments like this is smile.


No really, this girl can seriously roar…like a LION…one of her many endearing talents.

Happy Monday, gang!



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