Bottling Up The Good Stuff…Memories

How late is too late for a Father’s Day post?


You see, I wrote this post waaaay back on June 6, 2013, and I had it all lined up and ready to hit “Publish” on Father’s Day.

BUT, somehow, my teeny-weeny brain forgot all about it, which is kind of ridiculous because as you can see, I clearly put a lot of thought into this post.  All I can say is WOW.  I plead mommy brain on this one!

Again, WOW.

And that’s all I have to say about that.  Now onto the good stuff…

Yesterday was yet another rainy day sandwiched smack dab in the middle of a series of seemingly endless rainy days, but the good news is that I had the day off of work and got to spend that day with my little girl.

After spending the morning juggling kids with one of my best friends and her boys, Chloe and I retreated to our afternoon nap zone at home with a fairly uneventful afternoon, but here’s where my day took a turn from the ordinary to the I want to remember these little moments forever kind of day…

It was roughly 6:00 p.m., Chloe had just finished eating dinner and was set loose running in circles around our kitchen island while I was cleaning and putting food away.  Usually, Chloe and I see his car pull into the driveway, but we were both too preoccupied at the moment to notice, but then I heard it…the door to the mud room creak open.  Chloe was still distracted, but I saw him…the daddy was home!

Now, on a typical evening when Chloe is eating dinner and my husband gets home from work, he slowly peaks his head around the corner waiting for Chloe to notice him.  Of course, once she does, it’s followed by a typical wave of excitement that never fails to fill my heart with the kind of happiness that I wish I could bottle up and spread to all corners of the world.  Well, here’s the thing, last night was not typical.

You see when my husband walked in the door, he knelt down a few feet away from her waiting for her to notice.  She hadn’t noticed anything until she finally looked up at me.  I smiled at her and gave nod toward the direction of the doorway.  She quickly turned, and when she looked up and saw her daddy there, she went nuts (in a good way).  She screamed, “Daddy! Daddy!” and took off into his arms, squealing and giggling and shouting his name.

I wish I had it on video, as a matter of fact, because there’s just no manufacturing that kind of a genuine, ecstatic reaction.

Baby girl was thrilled to see her daddy!

There are times when little ones realize that they have your attention and that they’re being funny, so they carry on just to get a reaction.  Well, this wasn’t one of those times.  This time, it was a moment of shear unbridled excitement that our little girl couldn’t even contain if she tried to.  You’d think she hadn’t seen her daddy in days or weeks let alone just a few hours!

The moment lasted for about 10 minutes with lots of hugs and laughter.  My husband and I just kept laughing at our happy, little girl, and something occurred to me in that moment: what a blessing it is for a child to feel so safe and secure and outright thrilled to be in the presence of her father.

I wish I could reach out to the many love-starved children of this world and give them even just a dose of what my little girl gets to experience on a daily basis.  My heart breaks for those precious, little ones who get anything less.

It was also a wonderful visual of how the love of a father can shape the way a child feels loved and the way she sees the world through the security of that love.  With Father’s Day soon approaching, it’s an incredible reminder of how blessed I am to have a husband that is willing to be present day in and day out and to love and care for our little girl in a way that would bring such a joyous reaction out of her just simply being reunited with her daddy at the end of the day.

Later that night, as we were reading her books and she was nestled in my arms, my husband brushed the hair away from our daughter’s face and said, “Baby girl, your hair is getting so long.  I bet soon Mommy will have it in a pony tail.  You’ll have a pony tail just like Mommy’s.” 🙂

I just loved that he said that.

I smiled and knew that I needed to tuck that sweet moment away as a memory for my baby girl.

There are many things I appreciate about my husband, and near the top of the list is, undoubtedly, to witness his ability to be both strong enough to always make our little girl feel safe and yet gentle and kind enough for her to feel loved and secure.  Thank you, my love, for reaching out and grabbing the stars for this little girl of ours.

And…before I knew it, baby girl was fast asleep asleep.

Blessings to all the great fathers of this world,


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