Place Cards: Mary Engelbreit + Camping

I have to admit that when I was first contacted to design place cards for a wedding that embraced both Mary Engelbreit hearts (for the bride) and camping (for the groom), I thought it was an odd combination.  However, being familiar with both, the vision for these place cards came to me almost instantaniously, and before I knew it, I had completely fallen in love with this charming theme.

Because this wedding was still a few months out at the time, the guest list hadn’t been completed yet, so you’ll notice the room left blank in the upper left hand corner of the cards for the names of the guests to be added later.

At first glance, these place cards look fairly simple, but as with all of my projects, each piece was drawn and cut out by hand, which is an intricate part of the creative process for me.

But…as you might imagine, these details do take time…

You know, late nights cutting out tiny blades of grass and praying that your calligraphy pen dipped in fresh ink doesn’t splatter on that little tent that just took you waaay too long to draw and cut out.  It happens.  A LOT!

Finally, the project is finished, and pretty packaging ensues right before shipping. This is my favorite part…

Only to discover that the pretty box you purchased to mail them in (and give warm fuzzies to happy customer) is about a 1/16″ too small because the hearts were glued on a 1/16″ too far outside of the place card.  Thus, the lid does not fit on the “pretty” box.


I took a picture of the box anyway. 🙂

Seriously, though, I really enjoyed making these place cards, and I really loved the theme.  I truly hope they make a lovely addition to this upcoming wedding!



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