Fairy Garden Fun


I love flowers.

They are one of my absolute favorite things.  I like to think of our great God smiling down on me whenever I see beautiful flowers in bloom. They may be small in might, and yet they are an incredible reminder of the creative power of our mighty God, and you know what?  Sometimes, it’s nice to stop and enjoy the little blessings God sends our way.

That being said, if you have followed me for a while, you will already know that one of the special things I like to do with my little girl is plant and nurture beautiful flowers AND create fun fairy gardens.

I feel like I need to throw out a disclaimer on the gross, dirty planter container, though.  Here’s the thing, gang, the previous owner of our home left this enormous (it’s huge in person) planter container on our deck.  It is so big and so heavy (okay, granted, I could empty it out), that I couldn’t move it off our really high deck, so, instead, I just decided to use it.  It’s ugly, but it was FREE, and, of course, I couldn’t move it.

Okay, then, here are some of the fun details up close. Enjoy!


One of my favorite details is the pink moss.  I bought it from my local garden shop as well as all everything from the fairies to the fairy house to the tire swing and so on.  The green moss is from Michael’s, and the blue rocks are from the Dollar Tree.


The strawberry fairy is one of my favorites, but baby girl launched her across the kitchen last year and broke off one leg…to which my husband tried to reconnect via super glue shortly before said fairy was once again launched and the leg was re-broken along with the other leg being broken off.  You see where I’m going here, right?

All that to say, I just stuffed that darling, little, legless strawberry gal right in the dirt.  Because…well, because that was the only way I could get her to stand up.

Anyhoooo, how cute is this little tire swing?  This might just be my little gal’s favorite fairy garden toy.  Might be mine, too…


Here is where you get to meet the one-eared mouse…I tried to “stage” him just right so that it wouldn’t be quite so obvious, but he is what he is, and he still makes our fairy garden a happy place!

No need to wonder how he came to have only one ear!


The same fate as the strawberry fairy met the pretty trumpet flower fairy.  Although, the trumpet flower fairy was launched off our very high deck plummeting to the rocks below.  The first time this happened, she only lost part of a foot.  However, the next day when she took flight over the deck, she lost half a leg.  THEN, sometime after that I discovered that her flower was broken and was hanging on only by the tiniest thread of wire.

I keep on waiting for those fairy wings to come to life one of these days, but *sigh* it has yet to happen.

SO, I stuffed her in the dirt too making my best effort to “capture her good side,” if you know what I mean.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

Three year-old + expensive fairy garden items = waste of money.

But, hey, we’re still making it work!



I painted several large rocks a couple months ago for our fairy garden, and I think they’re a really great way to add a lot of personality to our garden.  What do you think?


Last week, I planted the flowers, and this morning, they were in full bloom and ready to go.  Now, I can’t actually keep all of this fairy garden stuff in here because I will need room for my flowers to spread, but for today, we are totally loving our fairy garden!IMG_1456-blog

UPDATE: I decided to expand our fairy garden efforts the night after I published this post, so I wanted to share some new photos with you in case you are looking for additional fairy garden ideas. Here you go!




Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed day, gang!

In Christ,


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